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Stop Smoking

I was a smoker for the past 20 years. I have made several unsuccessful attempts at quitting, until I came to see you last month. I was a bit skeptical that hypnosis could work for me, boy was I surprised. I had my last cigarette 45 days ago and have had NO withdrawal symptoms.

S.D. - Richardson

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Stop Smoking

It has been 8 weeks and I still have no desire to smoke at all. I am finally free and in control. This is truly amazing. Thanks

R.B. - Dallas

Stop Smoking

After our session last month, I am a believer in The Power of The Mind. I tried to stop smoking before, everything from the patch, to gum to prescription medication and even cold turkey. I can honestly say that the only thing that has worked for me was hypnosis. Thank you for your help.

L.S. - Lewisville

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Stop Smoking

Over the years I have tried gum, patches, cold turkey and medication but nothing worked. Now I know hypnosis was what I needed, and it worked deep in my mind. I feel that I never want to smoke ever again and wonder why I ever wanted to smoke in the first place. Smoking is now a part of my past, thanks to Mark and hypnosis.

F.R. - Dallas

Stop Smoking Hypnosis

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Are you ready to Stop Smoking?
You have no desire for a cigarette
You are a non-smoker
You avoid replacing cigarettes with food
Learn to manage stress without cigarettes
Have you ever stopped before?
What have you done in the past to stop smoking?
Have you ever been hypnotized?

Why Do People NOT Stop Smoking?

People realize that when they quit smoking they will save several thousand dollars a year not buying cigarettes. In addition, most people know that when they stop smoking they could be adding years to their life. And most people know that when they quit smoking right now, they will be saving their health - before it's too late.

So, why do people continue to smoke? With years of experience in dealing with hypnosis, the mind and smoking cessation, I have found the answer to be the same with the hundreds of clients who have scheduled their stop smoking hypnosis sessions with me and it all comes down to one thing, that one thing is FEAR.

  • Fear that you will have to give up your pleasure or companion!
  • Fear that you will not be able to handle the stress or enjoy life!
  • Fear that you will gain weight!
  • Fear that you will have to say goodbye to an old friend!
  • Fear that you will never be able to become completely free of the craving!
  • Fear that you will have to go through a traumatic experience to become free of the smoking habit!
All of these fears are just examples of the one overriding fear, the one simple reason that you have not committed to stop smoking yet is your FEAR that quitting smoking is going to be too painful and too difficult! Many of my clients have told me that the thought of quitting was much worse than actually quitting!

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis

My unique hypnosis technique makes it so easy that you’ll leave a happy non-smoker without feeling deprived or feeling that you’ve made a sacrifice. What you will feel is a huge sense of relief and elation that you have finally achieved the goal that all smokers long to achieve, you have become a permanent and happy non-smoker.

When smokers try to stop with other methods they suffer misery and depression caused by the feeling that they are being deprived of a pleasure or a companion. The beauty of hypnosis is that it removes the feeling of deprivation. It removes the need and the desire to smoke. You won’t need any useless aids, gimmicks, or substitutes like nicotine gum, patches, inhalers, nasal sprays. This process does not involve the use of needles or lasers. All that is required of you with stop smoking hypnosis is to sit back in a nice comfortable chair and relax. It just doesn’t get much easier than that!

You can Stop Smoking when you are ready to Stop Smoking. No one can make you do what you do not want to do. But, when you are ready and really want to Stop Smoking, with Hypnosis you can be free of that old habit for the rest of your life. Why are so many people deciding to Stop Smoking with Hypnosis? Why is Stop Smoking Hypnosis becoming so popular? Because Hypnosis is the most effective way to stop smoking, and Because Hypnosis Works!

I have a very high success rate with my stop smoking clients, not only because I have a great deal of experience working with stop smoking hypnosis, but also because I prescreen all my stop smoking clients to make sure they truly want to stop for the RIGHT REASONS.

If an individual does not want to stop smoking for the right reasons, there is not much I or anyone else can do to help them. I prefer to allow my clients to be successful on their initial attempt to stop smoking as well as maintaining a high success rate with my stop smoking clients.

If you are not ready upon your initial contact with me, I will offer guidance to you so that you will be able to make the changes required in order to transition to the place you need to be, so that when you do finally come to see me, you WILL be successful in your efforts to stop smoking with hypnosis.

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